The Cook’s Dilemma

Non-stick cookware has been getting a bad rap for several years now. We finally took the plunge and got rid of our non-stick pots (non-stick coating was peeling away on all of them). We are looking into replacing them with stainless steel pieces. So now, I have a sauce-pan shaped hole in my life. So I’m reaching out to the collective wisdom of the Internet to plot my next move:

  1. Do I buy a new full set of pots and pans? If so, what brands are you into? Our last experience was with Berndes and it was not good, so I’ll be steering clear of them.
  2. Should I buy individual pots and pans, regardless of brand, getting what most specifically serves my needs?
  3. Some other kitchen stuff acquisition method of which I have not thought?

As of now, I’m leaning towards the second option, but I’m interested to see what others have done. I’m especially keen to hear your opinions (positive and negative) on pieces and brands that surprised you.

8 thoughts on “The Cook’s Dilemma”

  1. Harvey Morrell

    I have a le Creuset dutch oven and a roasting pan that I got as wedding presents 20+ years ago and they still are going strong. All-clad has some nice saucepans but, like le Creuset, they are kind of expensiive. I’ve been getting mine piece by piece.

    1. Sarah

      I love my Le Creuset stuff, but I need something a little lighter weight. Something I can pick up and dump pasta out of. I think my wrists will protest mightily against another piece of cast iron.

      1. Harvey Morrell

        That’s where the all-clad stainless comes in. :) It’s lighter, but lasts and lasts.

        1. Sarah

          That’s the second vote for All-Clad. Or maybe the third; the first was from my mom, and her vote counts double, just by virtue of being my mom.

  2. shoreacres

    I don’t have a matched set of anything. I’ve had two sets of Club Aluminum and some Le Creuset, but most of the Club has disappeared.

    My favorites are an old Revereware (copper bottom) double boiler that belonged to my mother, a cast-iron skillet with a glass lid that was my grandmother’s, and an old, old Club Aluminum saucepan with extra-deep sides that’s great for candy making. I love my Creuset covered casserole, but for pastas and such, I’m using either an old Revereware pan that’s quite light for its size, or Corningware glass (the Vision line).

    None are particularly chi-chi, but they do the job and have a little sentiment attached as well.

    1. Sarah

      I don’t need chi-chi, I need workhorses. We cook pretty much everyday, so something that will stand up do abuse is vital. Is Revereware still in production? I wouldn’t mind some copper stuff, as my stove heats pretty weirdly.

  3. CN Heidelberg

    We have stainless steel Calphalon pans – we got a set when we got married. We are happy with them! The set is handy to get you going but we have added a few extras over the years.

    1. Sarah

      We got married in such a hurry that we didn’t have time to register or deal with gifts! I’ve always heard good things about Calphalon, but I’m not sure that it’s available here.

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