Paște fericit, Iași!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe title means “Happy Easter, Iași!”

I’ve been visiting Iași on a regular basis now for coming up on 8 years and I must say, this is the prettiest it’s ever looked. I arrived on Easter Monday, a holiday in Germany as well as Romania and as I write this an hour or two past dark I can still hear the sounds of the citizens enjoying a pleasant holiday evening out on the Piața Unirii.

Almost since I started coming here back in November 2006, the cultural palace just a few minutes’ walk to the south of my usual hotel here has been under construction. Well, they’ve made major progress on it, and the grounds surrounding it. Due to my somewhat early arrival I finally got the chance to explore the area myself. They’ve made it quite a nice place to hang out and people watch. The weather for it today was just perfect. I am surprised I didn’t see more faces I know from the office here out enjoying the atmosphere with their families.

2 thoughts on “Paște fericit, Iași!”

  1. Mom

    So pretty!

  2. […] been away from Regensburg on business to Iași the last part of April. I was keen to see what progress had been made in my absence. So we went out […]

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