Lost in Picardie

We’re on vacation, hooray! It’s been a stressful, busy couple of months in the Regensblog household, so we needed a little getaway. We wanted somewhere that we could get to with our car and that wouldn’t require more than one week’s of travel time. We settled on northern France, the regions of Somme and Picardie, right on the Belgian border.

Sounds idyllic, right? Well, so far so good. The trip was uneventful, the accommodations are even lovelier than the pictures made them seem and the surroundings are quite charming. Here’s the problem:

We’re not sure what to do here.

I couldn’t find crap for suggestions in my usual resources, Frommer’s and Lonely Planet. We’re close enough to go to Normandy and look at the D-Day sites for a day trip, and we’ll definitely pop in to Amiens and maybe even Reims for some architecture gawking, but if there is good stuff closer to where we are, I’d like to know about it. So here I am, asking the blogosphere: do you have experience in Picardie? Any can’t-miss activities? We are open to suggestion!

Roadtrip through Northeastern Romania

I was in Iași again the last weekend of April 2014. I was there for a long time — nine days, which might be a new record for me — between two holiday weekends, and staying there over a weekend, which usually isn’t necessary. Romania, as we discovered last fall, isn’t particularly foreign-tourist-friendly. And I try not to obligate my work people to spend more of their free time with me than, say, one evening once per visit. But the team surprised me with an exciting day trip around the region, including all new stuff for me to experience.

I’ve been visiting Iași since November 2006. I’ve eaten at most of the restaurants you’d take a visiting foreigner who likes local cuisine. On Friday afternoon they said “bring a jacket (in case it rains), comfortable shoes, and your camera. Be ready at 9:00 sharp Sunday morning out front at your hotel.” Mysterious! I had no idea this was going to be a roadtrip through Northeastern Romania — or a wide swath of it, anyways. Continue reading Roadtrip through Northeastern Romania