Bridge Update for September

Hoo, look at that, it’s been a whole month since the last post!

Lots of work stuff has been keeping me busy, and Sarah’s music ensemble has come out of their summer hibernation and are warming up again for the winter concert.

Sometime around the end of August on the city-side of the bridge (that’s the south bank of the Danube) we could see what looked to be coarse tarmac waiting for a new surface, and a couple of cable ports poking through the side wall pieces.


Earlier this week we saw the same pavers as on the Stadtamhof side of the bridge.


You’d think this would signal that the end of the project is near, but there’s still about the middle one-third of the bridge which hasn’t had any work done on it at all (barring the removal of the Bruckmandl for off-site restoration), and the project timeline is calls for activity until 2017.


bridge supports upright and waitingThey put those giant supports all along the length of the bridge for a reason: I guess the strategy was to work on the ends of the bridge first and then the middle section last.

What's your take on it?

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