Atmospheric Conditions

The weather has been mighty weird around here lately. We’re down in the South, so we’re not getting battered by hurricane-force storms like the North is, but we’re still feeling its effects. The clouds, when not sprinkling rain, freezing rain, or (less recently) dumping big soft fluffy snowflakes onto us, are racing across the sky, bringing dynamic shadows to our town. The Danube is overflowing its banks on the islands, but not quite yet on the city side. It’s not far off, either.

Once in a while, when the clouds and sun play nice together, we get a rosy sky at dusk around 16:45:
Pink Sky[exif id=”10524″]

One thought on “Atmospheric Conditions”

  1. shoreacres

    Oh, my. That’s a lot of water. I’ve not been very attentive to European weather, but I thought you were supposed to be having snow. Oh, well. The sky surely is pretty! So’s your blog, for that matter. I like the new template — very nice.

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