My beard’s gone; bring on the Spring

I’m over this winter stuff!


A couple weeks ago, I departed for a business trip to Romania. Upon my return, I headed to a local barbershop for a shave and a haircut1. This was the longest and thickest and most luxurious my beard has ever become, and knowing we were about to leave Germany for a week of warmer climes, I thought a professional beard trimmer might be a good way to kick off a sunny vacation. Plus, thinking of all the border control measures, I look a lot more like the picture in my passport now.

This was my first-ever paid shave. A tiny Southeast Asian barber lady at the mall took good care of my face during the whole process.

  • multiple confirmations before we got started: yes, really, please shave it all off
  • lots of creams, oils, and salves before, during, and after
  • warm towels, hot towels, cool towels
  • gentle stretching of my face during the scrapey-scrape-scraping away of four and a half months of beard growth

I hold the record for the number of straight razor blades dulled during one shave job: 3 She never encountered a beard which dulled three razors before. I am oddly proud of that, somehow.

After the shave was completed, my skin was a little irritated, but she was very careful not to cut me, and after a few hours the redness disappeared.

On the way home, I noticed how cold the wind was for the first time this winter. I’m ready for Spring now.

  1. “Two bits!” []

6 thoughts on “My beard’s gone; bring on the Spring”

  1. sarahstaebler

    Best use of a footnote…EVER! :)
    Way to go on breaking the record!
    My best friend just shaved off his full beard, too. Must be an “I’m tired of winter! Bring on warmer weather!” thing.
    You look great either way, which is cool!

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks, sarahstaebler. I expect some of the next posts will also highlight our yearning to be free of this winter.

  2. Sarah

    I’m so excited to have your face back.

  3. shoreacres

    What a handsome face, under all that. We ought to cheer:

    Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar,
    Everyone for Springtime, towel off and holler!

  4. Steven

    Lookin’ good, Cliff-dude. I tend to shave on a weekly basis- I hate to shave, but I also can’t stand having an itchy beard. I’ve never had someone else shave my face before- I would be worried about blood loss.

    1. cliff1976

      I followed your lead and started lathering up with a brush and shaving soap. Not sure it works better than the shave gel I’ve used previously, but it’s novel and I like doing it better that way.

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