Bridge Report, Easter 2015

Spring is here, officially, and surprise!  It’s still dang cold out there!  The clear skies and bright sunny days are just a clever ruse. 1 I took a few pictures of the bridge and surroundings when the weather permitted it.

Late last month, these stones were all stacked up on the north (our) end of the bridge, awaiting deployment. They’ve all been moved away onto the bridge, under the tarps and awnings, making us hopeful that the very first phase of bridge construction (going back to 2010!) is coming to a close soon.


We expect any day now they’re going to connect the auxiliary bridge to the fenced-off gap and allow pedestrian and bicycle traffic to cross onto our island from the newly-restored northern segment. Then the work on the middle section of the bridge can finally start.


These supports in the foreground have been waiting for years to be put to use — perhaps their time is nigh.


The south segment has been moving right along; it’s much easier to see the progress being made up close. They keep the sides of their segment protected from the weather, but standing on the bridge near this segment, you can look into the construction site and see what’s new.




Not so on the north segment; that’s been a black box since 2010 on both ends of the segment.  Whenever someone happens to be working on the site, you might catch a glimpse of the progress (or lack thereof!) they’ve made, if the door leading into the site is open.

The wind has been pretty fierce, blowing the clouds around, but twice last week we had a Blustery Day, and that ripped the tarps to shreds on the north segment.


Despite the still-chilly temperatures and whippy winds, the daffodils are determined to take advantage of the sunny days.


  1. It even snowed today briefly in the bright sun behind a threatening rain cloud. []

2 thoughts on “Bridge Report, Easter 2015”

  1. shoreacres

    How I’ve been enticed into being so interested in a bridge half-way around the world is yet another bit of proof that the internet is a wacky, if informative place. However: your daffodils are lovely. We have spring wildflowers, of course, but I’m a great fan of that flower, and the only place I get to see them around here is in the grocery store (US$5 for a half-dozen stems).

    Surely you’re almost done with winter. On the other hand, a friend in Minnesota has snow in the forecast for the upcoming week, so there you are.

    After a week of rain and truly terrible/magnificent thunderstorms, this is what it looked like from my balcony last night.

    1. cliff1976

      Heh. Actually, this post is almost a month overdue. I saw it waiting around in my drafts today upon returning from a road trip. Winter seems much longer ago now.

      Nice clouds!

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