Opening the grilling season with homemade hotdogs

In the land of Wurst and Bier, I’ve been hankering for some hotdogs for a couple years. We’ve had great success in our attempts at various homemade fresh sausage varieties, but I still wanted a plain old hotdog. I hit upon this recipe but found I was lacking an important ingredient: pink curing salt, sometimes known under the brand name “Instacure.” I’d found 10kg buckets of it via, but considering we make sausage in the <10lb batch, and a batch calls for a teaspoon at a time, that seemed like overkill. 1 I found Prague Powder #1 online2 in the USA and I had some shipped to my parents, and they brought it to Mexico for us. Finally I had all the ingredients necessary — or so I thought. Continue reading Opening the grilling season with homemade hotdogs

  1. If we ever run out of the one-pound package I bought, I guess I’d consider the 10kg bucket (it’s not very expensive) provided other local sausage enthusiasts — a LOT of them — will be willing to share it with me. Unlikely! []
  2. after finding nothing in local and chain grocery stores in rural Michigan near hunting season — weird! []