Bridge Update, October 2015

Some progress to report! It’s definitely fall here now.

The northern-most section of the auxiliary bridge is closed off to all kinds of traffic, and they’ve begun moving the segments into place in the middle of the bridge. No sign of any completion on the southern segments, but we can hope.

Our island looks nice when the leaves change.

3 thoughts on “Bridge Update, October 2015”

  1. shoreacres

    Beautiful autumn photos. Maybe by next fall, the bridge will be done!

  2. Steven

    Progress! Nice pics!

  3. Mom

    How pretty! We’ve now had enough wind and rain that the trees are more bare than covered, but the ground is lovely. I collected a stack of very pretty leaves. I hope Grandma will help iron them with waxed paper when she visits tomorrow with Aunt Barb.

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