Fall Splendor in the Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria

The weather this week has been a real treat. This is not normal for this time of year. Maybe it was just a last blast to finish off October before the long, slow slide into winter. We took advantage of it with some colleagues visiting from out of town.

We’d heard about the Waldwipfelweg1 from a couple different local sources. It’s an easy drive from Regensburg, off the eastbound A3 and north on little roads up into the hills. When we got there, a weird mixture of cheesy attractions, exotic livestock, breathtaking views, and hands-on nature center stuff awaited us. The llamas were mildly interested in us (and a couple posed nicely). The kangaroos and alpacas couldn’t be bothered. For an additional couple euros, we entered the Haus am Kopf2 and giggled at the upside-downedness and off-putting angles. Not only is the house upside-down, but also crooked. A giant teepee3 was there, but that can only be a manifestation of their Winnetou fascination. We skipped that completely.

The main attraction — the views of the valley below — was totally worth it on a day like that one. The hillside drops off below you pretty steeply, so that at some point you’re 30 meters off the ground. Towards the end of walk, you can press a button on some small displays to hear local the birds’ calls. Once back onto solid ground, there’s a short nature trail with some goofy optical illusions demonstrated.

After that, we drove to lunch out at the Kloster Weltenburg, and climbed up the hill to take in the sights above the bend in the Danube.

That was enough exercise to get us started thinking about desserty things again, so a stop at the Seidl Confiserie on the way back seemed appropriate.

  1. MIL’s new favorite word. []
  2. House on its head []
  3. Not that kind. Even though it was Halloween. []