Phew. Look at that — January’s on the way out.

Err…Happy New Year!

Our last post was about Fall Splendor. There was not a lot to report on in November or December. The usual Christmas Market stuff came and went — much the same as always. One nice change: my team members from Romania came to visit in Regensburg and they got a taste of the Christmas markets for once. In the past, we’ve had end-of-the-year workshops in November, before there is any reason at all to spend time together outside of the office. At least with the Christmas markets, there is Glühwein and fair food, and the hope for snowy conditions.

In bridge news, this past week the north end of the bridge was closed overnight one night while some huge trucks lined up on our island to remove some no-longer-needed pieces of the auxiliary bridge. Today I went out to see the differences…

view of the north bank
view of the north bank
view towards the Jahninsel and south bank
view towards the Jahninsel and south bank

…and could not ascertain any at all. It’s unclear whether the trucks cleared out bridge detritus that had always been invisible, or maybe something went schief and the event had to be scrapped. Either way: no visible progress since there were leaves on the trees.

But in the meantime, what with Easter’s early arrival this year, Fasching preparations are underway. Coming up: watch out for mustard in your Krapfen and remember to wear an ugly tie1 the crazy ladies at work can snip up on Weiberfasching.2 Maybe snap up one of these masks to protect your identity if you plan on getting kooky.

Mr Bean and Walter White rank as world leaders.
Mr Bean and Walter White rank as world leaders.
  1. Does anyone still do that? []
  2. Has anyone ever done that? []

5 thoughts on “Phew. Look at that — January’s on the way out.”

  1. shoreacres

    Well, how nice to see an update. I’ve thought of you both several times, what with (ahem) Germany being in the news, and all. I’m glad for that note about early Easter and, hence, early Mardi Gras. Somehow, I’m still in the first week of January, and that just isn’t going to do for much longer.

    I’m growing fond of my new camera. Those tips you provided are making some sense now. I keep learning things: like, you can use the manual focus ring to focus. Who knew? Just yesterday I took at least a hundred photos with an ISO setting of 6400. Lesson? If you’re going to mess around at night, check everything the next day.

    Happy New Year to you, Here’s to peace, health, prosperity, and at least a little kookiness.

  2. Scott Hanson (@papascott)

    Is that a bridge that leads to nowhere on both ends? My dad once built a bridge like that while building freeways in California. :-)

  3. cliff1976

    Thanks shoreacres!

    Scott: Nope, not at both ends. Only our end of it leads to nowhere. The south bank arm of the auxiliary bridge bypasses the construction zone on the south section of the Steinerne Brücke.

    Sarah told me they’re doing another overnight-big-truck activity this week. Maybe something will really move forward for once.

  4. Steven

    Regarding your question about whether anyone still does the ugly tie thing- one of the ladies in my office in Neutraubling is a venerable tie-hunter, and several of us wore ties for that express reason every year I was there. I kind of miss that.

    1. cliff1976

      I think that might one of the quintessential widely-practiced German cultural humor things that I just don’t get and should give up trying to get. Like “Dinner For One” on NYE or Michael “Bully” Herbig.

      I’d much rather take my chances at the bakery, getting a mustard donut instead of a proper Krapfen. That I can get behind!

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