Some Notes on a Long Weekend in Rheinland-Pfalz and a Bridge Update

Rheinland-Pfalz Rund- und Mariä Himmelfahrt

Bavarians celebrated Jesus’ Mom’s Sky Trip on a Monday this year, so we did a road trip of our own. We got an invitation from pals in two different corners of Germany to meet up in a third corner to explore and enjoy. We’d been to a few wine festivals before (with thanks to the Heidelbergerin/Brummagemerin for introducing us to Neustadt an der Weinstraße and Freinsheim, which we loved so much we went back again a few years later).

We stayed in a cute little Ferienwohnung in Venningen, booked by our buddy in Flensburg through AirBnB. There was nothing happening in Venningen directly that weekend, but we drove around to a bunch of little towns and took the train to the biggest Weinfest in the area (thereby obviating the DD and allowing all of us to sample the wares).

Our AirBnB host, Fritz, gave us a little booklet with a listing of all the stuff going on in the area that weekend. We set courses for many of them. A few were wild-goose chases:

  • Roads leading to the villages were closed for construction
  • We got there looking for lunch, but the festival didn’t start until after dinner

But in the end, this trip was more about shooting the breeze with our buds, so it didn’t matter too much. Some highlights:

  • We attended our very first German tractor pull.
  • We were charmed by the half-timbered architecture of the smaller and medium-sized towns.
  • The Weinkerwe in Deidesheim was a particular treat. The town’s claim to fame is that Helmut Kohl introduced visiting dignitaries to Saumagen1 there.
  • We visited the Hambacher Schloß, a castle in the area used as a sneaky rallying point for German unity and democratization and especially liberalization the face of reactionary Bavarian hegemony in the post-Napoleonic Wars period. Whew.
  • The Weinessiggut Doktorenhof directly in Venningen was a weird, stinky little spot around the corner from Fritz’s Ferienwohnung specializing in hand-crafted vinegar-based consumables.

Bridge Update

Big news! We are definitely very close to closing one chapter and starting another.

Wake up Tuesday and discover what the bridge fairies have left for you.
Wake up Tuesday and discover what the bridge fairies have left for you.

Not too many more days like these left for this year!

View from Alte Linde
View from Alte Linde

  1. Think German haggis, but more muscular and less organ-y. Wikipedia has more info. []

6 thoughts on “Some Notes on a Long Weekend in Rheinland-Pfalz and a Bridge Update”

  1. claowue

    Wonderful places which you have visited during the long weekend.
    I saw that you were creative to find a great spot for a picture of the Steinerne Brücke and the Dom despite of the renovation.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks claowue!

      I can’t take too much creative credit for that final photo — it was while sitting on a bench at the Alte Linde Biergarten and the weather and lighting conditions were just lucky!

  2. shoreacres

    That last photo is splendid. But I must confess — it’s the tractor pull that caught my attention. That just seems so funny. In Germany!

    1. cliff1976

      I suspect that some of the tractors were smaller than we anticipated so that they can fit between vineyard rows. They were kind of cute.

  3. I love Deidesheim. Well, I love all of the Pfalz.

    Also, I got torn to shreds by a Guardian reader in my Spargel article for likening Saumagen to Haggis. I know they’re not the same but they’re closest you’ll get for a comparison, right?! Grr.

    1. cliff1976

      I’m sure s/he was just jealous that Helmut Kohl didn’t extend a personal invitation!

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