Spooky Clouds and a Short Bridge Update

Weather’s been mighty…mercurial lately. Hot to cold to fierce winds, with rain and hail and then back to hot again as soon as the sun peeks for a few minutes.

But some of it’s been rather nice, too.

Today, for the first time in a long time, we strolled over to the old digs for a lunch at one of our old haunts. I was wondering how the bridge was coming along. Answer: same as it ever was. I couldn’t detect a millimeter of progress. Oh well; at least the weather was pleasant.

A Week in Eastern Ireland 2017

After our last vacation in Val d’Aosta back in May, a cumulation of stressy stuff at work since then, and some unexpected health issues complicating everyday life, we were very thankful to have planned a get-away trip to Ireland with our old college pal the Malge well in advance. This trip was definitely necessary to chill the heck out. Continue reading A Week in Eastern Ireland 2017