Easter weekend was a great time to bug outta town (again, some more) for a long weekend with our pal Snooker. Berlin welcomed us with these pretty trees all over town. Here are the photos. Click to embiggen.

5 thoughts on “Berlinterlude”

  1. Mom

    Beautiful! Remember the flowering crabapple trees on Riverhill? I still miss those.

  2. Xiyan

    Hi Cliff, Hi Sarah, are you guys moved to berlin? No more in Regensburg. I could not get in touch with you Sarah in whats app. Do you have a new number? best wishes to you guys and hope to seeing you for a coffee.

    1. cliff1976

      Hi Xiyan! Thanks for getting in touch. We’re still in Regensburg, but we moved to another part of town in late 2016. I’ll pass your message on to Sarah.

      1. Xiyan

        Thanks, maybe Sarah can write me a short message in whats app or email then i can get in touch with her. Tell her I am missing her and cant wait to catch up with her for a coffee.

        1. Sarah

          Hi Xiyan,

          I e-mailed you a couple of days ago on the address you used to leave this comment.

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