Parte 0: Italian Road Trip September 2019

It’s not every year that we get TWO trips to Italy. Last time our focus was Tuscany. This time was a mix of new and old destinations in Veneto and Emilia-Romagna, showing Sarah’s mom some stuff we knew, and some we didn’t. Clearly this is going to have to be split into several different posts. We took way too many pictures to cover it all in one post. Stay tuned for individual segments to follow.

The Route

Places Visited


I know it’s not in Italy. We gave Sarah’s mom a chance to de-jetlag with a day trip here before starting the roadtrip. That’s why it’s not on the route map above.

B. Piombino Dese and Venice

We’ve stayed here twice before, at the agriturismo "Ca’ de Memi." That is a great place to stay (and eat!) on its own, but it’s a five-minute walk from the train station in Piombino Dese, and from there a 40-minute train trip to Santa Lucia station in Venice. If you’re going to go there, book it soon, because this month they got a write-up in the Guardian as one of the ten best cooking classes with stays in Europe. We have enjoyed their food but not yet taken a cooking course there…maybe next time!

C. Ravenna

We’d been to Ravenna once before, but only saw the mausoleum and Basilica San Vitale. This time we had much nicer weather and more motivation to explore the town a bit more.

D. Modena and Parma

These were both new towns for us. We parked our car in Modena near the apartment and only moved it for our day trip to Parma. Both towns are very walkable, and we took advantage of that.

E. San Valentino alla Muta or Sankt Valentin in der Haide

Another whole new region for us! We really like those places where the languages blend:

  • Aostatal / Val d’Aosta (bonus! French and German and Italian)
  • Elsaß / Alsace
  • Südtirol / Alto Adige


We know Munich pretty well, but Sarah’s mom didn’t, so we spent a day down there acclimating. Bayern Ticket for the win!

Neues Rathaus / Viktualienmarkt / Residenz

We’d never been to the Residenz, so we bought us a self-guided tour of the Schatzkammer towards the end of the day before heading home again on the train.

Let the italying begin!

3 thoughts on “Parte 0: Italian Road Trip September 2019”

  1. Harvey Morrell

    Since Munich is sometimes referred to as Italy’s northernmost city, you kind of did start your Italy trip in Italy.

    1. cliff1976

      But…but…but Regensburg wants to think of itself as Italy’s northern-most city!

  2. Harvey Morrell

    Well, Regensburg is a far-flung suburb of Munich, isn’t it?

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