Dom, Illuminated

Last week one of our city’s most identifiable symbols played dress-up. You can read more about the event on the city’s webpage here (in German). The occasion is the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Dom’s towers. We probably would have missed the memo on it completely, but a colleague of mine called our attention to it.

For reference, here is what it looked like before the light show began:

Music and a narrative, from the perspective of an apprentice and master stonemason, accompanied the light designs projected onto the cathedral. These stills look nice, but really it was the illumination’s animation that made it clear how the cathedral looked at different phases over its history.

Click to embiggen:

Here is an excerpt from the promo video on YouTube — and it looked just like this live out there am Domplatz in front of Haus Heuport:

One thought on “Dom, Illuminated”

  1. Steven

    That’s amazing. I’m sad I missed it. I hope they plan on doing it more often, like the new show on Cinderella’s Castle. :D

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