Zweierlei Wanderungen, Wein und Bier

So much Wanderung this autumn!

Kulinarische Weinwanderung Freinsheim 2019

We did the Freinsheim Kulinarische Weinwanderung again this year. And again our pal Snooker joined us for good wine, good food, and especially good company. This year was a little trickier than most with regard to accommodations. Seasonal demand in the area is always high, so we plan far in advance. But this year, our Ferienwohung host bailed on us with rather short notice, and we had to hunt for a place to stay months later than normal. The pickings were slim, but we managed to make it work through AirBnB. We stayed in Flörsheim-Dalsheim and used the local transit system to get into and out of Freinsheim on the Saturday of that weekend. This is a trick our pals the Heidelbergers taught us back in 2012 on our very first Kulinarische Weinwanderung.

Click ’em to embiggen ’em.

Bierwanderung Fünf-Seidla-Steig

Our buddy Heather asked who’d be up for a Bierwanderung the weekend after our Weinwanderung. Well, yeah, sign us up! We followed her instructions to meet her at Nordostbahnhof in Nuremberg on Saturday. To our surprise and delight, some pals from last year’s Leipzig meetup Summer and spouse and Ed appeared as well.

We followed (at least roughly) the Fünf-Seidla-Steig (meaning "five half-liters of beer path", one for each participating brewery).

These were our steps:

  1. Train from Regensburg Hbf bright and early (for a Saturday at least) to Nuremberg Hbf.
  2. Switch to the U2 line and head out towards the airport.
  3. Alight at Nordostbahnhof and walk in the direction of travel out of the U-Bahn station, following signs for the Gräfenbergbahn. (This was our meeting point.)
  4. Catch the Gräfenbergbahn train to … you guessed it, Gräfenberg.
  5. Catch a bus there to Thuisbrunn.
  6. Begin hiking, eating, and drinking our way back.

The description of the course says it could take "4 to 8 hours." At the beginning of the day we laughed that off… but we certainly took our time, shooting the breeze and sampling the desserts and main courses at the five breweries. At the end of day, we blew past the end of that eight hour range and made it home to Regensburg just before midnight.

On the horizon: Tag der Offenen Brennereien — could this be our trifecta‽

6 thoughts on “Zweierlei Wanderungen, Wein und Bier”

  1. cliff1976

    Note well: those empties were not ours! Someone had clearly been pre-gaming.

  2. Snooker

    Hey! That second weekend looks awesome too! Hmm. I might have to plan around that next year as well. Wine one weekend, beer the next? Maybe Pilsen in between? Sounds perfect!

    1. cliff1976

      This is absolutely a thing we can make happen, Snooker. The Bierwanderung is self-guided and the breweries have taverns attached to them, so there’s no specific event required. Which means we can plan it in based on weather predictions, etc.

      I forgot to mention in my write-up how thrilled I am that the Bayern Ticket covered all that:

      • train from Regensburg Hbf to Nuremberg Hbf
      • train from Nuremberg Hbg to Nuremberg NOBf
      • train from Nuremberg NOBf to Gräfenberg
      • bus from Gräfenberg to Thuisbrunn

      …and then the whole thing in reverse, too. 32€ for two people for the whole day is a steal. For three it would be 39€.

      1. cliff1976

        BTW. Hit all 5 breweries, collect the stamps, get a reduced price on a Krug.

  3. Steven

    The knit wine-glass holder is kind of genius. I often wish I had a hand free while carrying a beverage.

    1. cliff1976

      The holders are more stable while the glasses are emtpy, but I‘M more stable while the glasses are full.

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