Fun Things to do around Puerto Vallarta: Take a Taco Walk

In December 2019, we spent a couple weeks at one of our usual vacation destinations. But we did a ton of new stuff.  See all our posts tagged with Puerto Vallarta.

We’ve been to Puerto Vallarta plenty of times. Inspired by the Taco Chronicles, we wanted to discover the food we love in the place we love, but not in the restaurants we already know.

AirBnB to the rescue again! We found Memo’s tours there, but if you’re interested, you should consider booking through his website He does more than just food tours: history and culture walks are also on offer (and he gave us an inside tip that they’re expanding that area, too).

We were a mixed bag: an omnivore, a fish (and raw onion!) abstainer, and a mostlytarian. Therefore the vegetarian Taco Walk 103 made the most sense for us. Two other people joined up who were much stricter vegetarians. Our tour covered taco offerings at not-strictly-vegetarian restaurants, even though all the food we ate was.

I’m not going to blow up Memo’s spot by revealing all the neat places hiding out in the open. Suffice it to say, these restaurants — none of which we’d tried before — were all in well-known places downtown where we thought we were pretty well-versed.

But we got more than just good food out of it. Memo covered cultural, local, and regional aspects of the food and the restaurants as well. Some of the stops on the walk were high-concept fancy-pants places, and some were holes-in-the-wall we’d never have given a second look…but should have.

Three big tips for you, taco enthusiast:

  1. Arrive hungry at the meeting point.
  2. Prepare to share with someone else in your party, particularly after the first stop on the walk.
  3. Save room! Drinks and desserts are part of the package. If you fill up, you miss out.

3 thoughts on “Fun Things to do around Puerto Vallarta: Take a Taco Walk”

  1. Name redacted to protect the innocent

    We’ve been by that place with the round red stove. It is on the bus route a couple of blocks south of the river, I think.

    1. cliff1976

      Correct! Its name is something generic, like “Quesadillas y Sopes” — but the vegetarian mushroom and nopal quesadillas were delicious, as were the salsas on offer to accompany them.

  2. heatherinde

    zomg I’m so full and yet this still makes me so hungry for some decent tacos.

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