Fun Things to do around Puerto Vallarta: Whale Watching

In December 2019, we spent a couple weeks at one of our usual vacation destinations. But we did a ton of new stuff.  See all our posts tagged with Puerto Vallarta.

We’ve done some whale watching before — about 10 years ago, to be precise. That time, we took a bus up to Punta Mita, got out, headed for the beach and waited for someone with a boat to approach us and make us an offer. It was not very scientific, but it was uncomplicated, and we saw some whales.

This time around, we took a very different approach. We booked far in advance with Ocean Friendly and arrived at the pier Los Peines early on the day of departure. After an on-shore briefing on humpback whales in general and the unique characteristics of Banderas Bay (and a last-chance bathroom break — you do NOT want to have to use the head on board!), we boarded and motored out of the marina area, headed for the open waters of Banderas Bay.

Our guide explained the patterns to watch for: spouts, flipper flapping, flukes and then a breach about 45 seconds later.

We were very impressed with the emphasis this company put on limiting the environmental impact of our activities. There was an on-board lunch packed in reusable food storage containers. The drinking water was served out of steel containers. The only disposable waste items at all were the paper napkins.

This certainly felt like a better way to watch whales — for them and for us.

2 thoughts on “Fun Things to do around Puerto Vallarta: Whale Watching”

  1. Steven

    I did a whale watching ride in Iceland, and didn’t see nearly as much whale action as you saw here. Great photos!

  2. Dad

    Wow! You got some great shots!

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