Fun Things to do around Puerto Vallarta: Botanical Gardens

In December 2019, we spent a couple weeks at one of our usual vacation destinations. But we did a ton of new stuff. See all our posts tagged with Puerto Vallarta.

About an hour away by bus or taxi from near the airport, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens is a good look into the mountainous jungle further inland from the coast.

Full disclosure: my mom is a docent on the guided walks, but she gives the same quality experience to all visitors to the gardens.

Come equipped with bug spray, or buy some at the entrance gate, but whatever you do — don’t skip it. We opted for lunch at the on-site restaurant, which was delicious. I particularly liked the piece of sugar cane and bamboo straw in my limonada.

The gardens are a non-profit, charitable organization focused on conservation and education. Besides the beautiful and densely populated grounds, they are fundraising to purchase more land in the surrounding area, keeping it safe from would-be real estate developers — some of whom are not above operating illegally, despite the endangered species known to inhabit the region. Your visit to the gardens helps fund their efforts. And consider a limonada and breakfast or lunch at the restaurant before stocking up on vanilla pods at the gift shop.

Here are our favorite shots of the day.

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