Working from home thanks to Corona

Yesterday my management asked our department to work from home as much as possible until further notice. For me, it’s theoretically possible to work from home 100%. I did that once, in Q4 2014 or ’15. I thought it would rock, because

  • my boss is in Nürnberg
  • my employees are in Romania
  • at the time, I didn’t work closely with the people geographically close to me
  • my customers are around the world
  • I could get my gym routine done in the mornings before work and still be ready to work at 9 with time to spare

…but actually it kinda sucked, because:

  • our apartment was cold, dark and had lousy WLAN access in the office area (a repeater only helped a little bit)
  • lunch became a daily challenge — planning it, cooking/reheating it, or buying it
  • (and this is the big one) I needed casual random human interaction (water-cooler style) a lot more than I thought, even to the point of bugging @sarah1976 with social neediness.

This time around, what’s different?

  • better lighting and heating in the home office area
  • better WLAN connection (still not great)
  • better kitchen in this house with an ability to cook and eat outside, weather permitting
  • two outdoor sitting areas, either of which is suitable for work outdoors (if I dispense with the docking station and monitors)
  • I frequently collaborate with another department less than 3 minutes away by bike (but are they requested to WFH as well?)
  • My own scope grew between the first time and this time; I work closely with those geographically close to me now (in addition to my team members in Romania)

What’s unchanged?

  • My boss is still in Nürnberg and my employees are still in Romania
  • The morning gym routine is still doable before work at home or in the office (but…how long will that facility stay open?)
  • Have yet to master the lunch planning
  • I expect I’ll be socially starved again, despite lots more diverse subject-matter interactions since the first time around, if this WFH-until-further-notice stuff sticks around for more than a couple months

What’s changing in your work-life balance as a result of Corona?

3 thoughts on “Working from home thanks to Corona”

  1. Dad

    I’m going to be arranging a virtual open mic night for a few of our friends. Could be fun!

  2. Steven

    I’ve been spending a LOT of time in social-Zoom interactions. Trivia, casual hang outs, even a zoom karaoke once that was kind of a disaster because there’s no way to sync the audio so every song becomes a round.

    If you’re starved for social interaction, reach out to me- I’m also home 24/7 now, and I’ve got a webcam for chats. I’m always happy to chat.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks Steven! Watch for a reach from me/us.

      I wonder if online semi-public calendaring stuff like what offers is going to take off — and also whether there will be FOSS solutions for those who don’t want to subscribe to such a service with a monthly fee attached.

      Hmm, what does Nextcloud Calendar offer in that regard? I bet there is something usable there already.

What's your take on it?

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