Did a 10-mile walk today

It was pretty. Now we’re pretty…sore.


  • MOTU mural
  • first ice cream of the season (whence the selfie)
  • our favorite Italian market now has Packstation-esque fulfillment

Click ’em to embiggen ’em.


4 thoughts on “Did a 10-mile walk today”

  1. Heather in DE

    Italian market Packstation? What’s Italian for genius because YES PLEASE.

    1. cliff1976

      Si, molto intelligente!

      I guess they’d had this concept planned for a while and Corona provided a more urgent use case for it.

      Here’s their webpage describing the new shopping options: https://www.ilmercato-italiano.shop/info/einfachbestellen.html

      Further notes:

      • the selection available online is drastically reduced compared to what’s in the store
      • they advertise PayPal as a payment option, but that’s not offered yet
      • delivery is an option upwards of 30€ Bestellwert, but then you have to pay the driver cash

      I placed my first order last night and am curious as to how soon to expect the locker PIN via email. It’s a 2.5km walk in the park — no, two parks to get there, so this could be a perfect addition to my new morning routine. Order before 14:00, pickup before work starts the next day.

      Schauen wir mal.

      1. cliff1976

        Picked up my order today and it didn’t go terribly smoothly. The machine wouldn’t take the TAN emailed to me. Someone at the store goofed it up. Luckily I was there while they were still open and the regular cashier helped me get my stuff. Definitely not convenient on the first try, but I am hopeful they’ll get it correct next time.

  2. Steven

    Great pics, friendo!

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