Fall Colors: Red and Gold

This is not a pretty picture. We’re hunkering down as much as we can. Too bad not all of us are doing that. (Did you hear about the attack on the RKI?

These are nicer.

In other news, I got a nifty little video camera. It’s quite small and comes with a protective case and plenty of fiddly little accessories for mounting and positioning. It mounts to my bike OK, I guess (I’d prefer something with a better quick-release snap so I can park at a Biergarten and take the expensive bits in with me — like my phone’s mount has).

Here’s a two-minute video segment of a 40-km bikeride from yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Fall Colors: Red and Gold”

  1. Jonathan Woodyard

    Pretty cool bike ride you took through forrested areas.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks! More where that came from: https://fat.cliff1976.net/posts/bikerides/

  2. Dad

    Cool vid stuff. Just don’t end up on one of those “fail” YouTube compilations. 😁

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks for your faith in me, Dad!

  3. Steven

    I like the bike video. If you do get a quick-release camera mount, make sure it’s got some shock absorption though. You remember how awful and bouncy my cobblestone ride video was a bunch of years back, right? :D

    1. cliff1976

      Oh yeah!

      My bike is intended for city usage and has no shock absorbers whatsoever. The camera has image stabilization (turned on by default, I think). I should record the same stretch of cobblestone twice: once with it on, once with it off, to see what a difference that makes.

      Shock absorbers in the camera mount probably just drove up the price. Maybe the cobblestone test results will show me whether to bother.

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