PSA: “Siemens SIWAMAT xlm 147f family” beeping

I had a heckuva time getting this question answered on my own; here’s hoping this post is useful to future owners of the same product.

Our Siemens washing machine started beeping at the end of every cycle. As far as we know, it never did that before a few weeks ago (and we’ve had this machine for 16 years at this point).

I did some serious googling duckduckgoing to try to figure out whether it is a warning, like

hull breach imminent! locate your galoshes! get everything off the floor!

or just an unexpected reminder that the cycle has completed.

There were a lot of German-language posts on DIY bulletin board I found saying, essentially,

“RTFM! You can turn that down or off.”

Well, our manual doesn’t mention that function at all (I scoured it to make sure). I finally found this tip here that appears to have done the trick, even though our model number is off by one digit.

Wenn vor dem Start die Schleudertaste “1400 –> 600” gedrückt und gehalten wird, kommt ein Alarmton in diversen Lautstärken… und am Ende dann auch “aus”. Schade, dass das nicht in den Bedienungsunterlagen zu finden war…


We still don’t know why it suddenly started doing this end-of-cycle beeping after all these years. Maybe our landlord or the Fußbodenheizungshandwerker nudged the washer at some point recently.

3 thoughts on “PSA: “Siemens SIWAMAT xlm 147f family” beeping”

  1. Steven

    Everything is an adventure!

  2. Angela

    Please I just got the siwamat xlm 147f family washing machine…I don’t know how to operate it…it’s all in German…and I’d like to know if it’s a dryer too…

    1. cliff1976

      It’s absolutely not a dryer.

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