¡Vivan las Vacaciones! Parte Uno

After Corona largely reined our intercontinental travel plans over most of the last two years, we had kind of a glut there at the end of the 2021. We spent some time in November with Sarah’s family in KCMO (she longer than I, due to work BS), and then with my parents in Puerto Vallarta and some (kinda) new friends in Mexico City in December. So yeah, two trips to North America inside of two months. Under pandemic conditions. Couple of brain swabs. Plenty of document collection. Lots of umpteen-hour FFP2 mask sessions. It all went smoothly — it was just at the beginning of the Great Omicron Flight Cancellation Crisis of 2021-22.

Our theater of operations (neglecting the overnight stay in Newark on the way down to Puerto Vallarta, because hey, it’s just Newark):

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Puerto Vallarta

Corona precautions kind of limited us in our activities in Puerto Vallarta; we got a lot of much-needed poolside relaxation in. Nevertheless, we did try a few new things, and they were all great:

  • Sheraton Buganvilias Sunday Brunch (insider tip: the Mariachis arrive around 11; reserve your table for shortly beforehand)
  • Chartered day trip to San Blas, including mangrove wildlife observation (birds and crocodiles) and a trip up to the old colonial outpost
  • “Rhythms of the Night” show across the Bahía de Banderas from us

And, we returned to a few of our favorite activities:

  • shopping for neat stuff (especially glassware) at Mundo de Cristal
  • taco lunch at El Campanario
  • hitting various markets downtown after a stroll along the Malecón

San Blas Day Trip

The Usual Holiday Snaps

Next up: Parte Dos

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