Trompin’ Around Wales – Part 3

Back in May 2023 we met my parents in Birmingham, England and took a train to Wales for a lot of exploring on foot. We stayed in 3 different little towns at inns, with some transport between them on foot and some via taxi. This is Part 3 — Llanberis and departure. See Parts 1 and 2 if you like.

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Llanberis and Departure

Snowdonia trails into LLanberis

Our taxi dropped us off at the foot of a trail heading up the side of a mountain and carried our bags onward to our room in Llanberis.

view of the lake behind us on our way up the mountain

grassy mountainside

pastures and lake

It was quite warm — even the sheep were seeking shelter from the sun.
sheep hiding in the shade

Sarah marching away from Mount Snowdon

a biker headed over a ridge

a rock wall along a ridge

a gravel traverse along a valley

same path as above, but looking back

sheep and lamb on opposite sides of the fence

sheep on a ridge above the path

me, from behind, approaching the town with the slate mines across the lake

Around the lake

bench on the shore


the shore at one end of the lake

a house and yard high above the lakeshore

creek running down the mountain

Mom and I across the lake from the town

panoramic view of the lake from the vantage point of the hospital at the mining operation

kayak school

slate mining museum

That was the end of the active part of the trip; from Llanberis we took a taxi to Bangor Station, and caught a train to Birmingham airport. We overnighted in a hotel near the airport and flew out the next morning.

Final Thoughts

We like the idea of getting ourselves from place to place in general, with our bags moving via car — but there definitely is some calibration necessary for

  • route instructions; signage and landmarks in the woods can be very unreliable, so next time I’d rely more on GPX downloads to follow
  • intensity / difficulty levels; we upped our on-foot activity prior to the trip, but it was not enough
  • weather (we got very lucky in that it never rained once on us, but it was also quite hot at times)

2 thoughts on “Trompin’ Around Wales – Part 3”

  1. Dad

    Fun trip. Your blog and pictures brought it all back. Made me smile!

  2. Aunt Barb

    Your mom sent me the blog. Great photos. I looked up the recipe for Welsh Rarebit as the picture looked so delicious

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