Cappadocia and Turkey Wrap

The guy who sold us this excursion described it as the “Hauptspeise,” versus the “Vorspeisen” we’d also been thinking about. “This is the one to go on,” he said, “if you’re interested in Turkey’s history and culture.” He was right. This was the mother lode, but not without its costs: money as well as time. … Continue reading Cappadocia and Turkey Wrap

Yanartaş — Stones of Fire

On Christmas Day we rented a car right at the resort (filling the tank up was bad idea — that cost almost twice as the rental contract itself!) and set off down the coast to the West and South from our resort in search of the Chimera. We can’t thank our Frommer’s Turkey 2008 author … Continue reading Yanartaş — Stones of Fire

Day 4 – Perge and Aspendos

OK, some good news (at last!). Today was about thousand percent improvement over yesterday (especially nice, because this excursion wasn’t free). Our tour group was about a quarter of the size, versus the Antalya shopping trip, and composed completely of people who wanted to be there. That was a big boost right there. By chance … Continue reading Day 4 – Perge and Aspendos

It was free and still not worth it

Today was the first of the tours (committed and prospective) that we’ve looked into. It’s part of the package offered by the tour operator through which we booked. You get one ride into Antalya (the largest city in the region) for free, but since this is billed as a shopping tour, you have to make … Continue reading It was free and still not worth it

Turkish Riviera Day 3 – “Side” trip/planning

After breakfast this morning, we met with our tour company rep and started talking about all the other neat stuff we could be doing on this trip. A lot of the options were available for less than €50 a head and included a meal or two. We were most interested in Antike Höhepunkte (Highlights of … Continue reading Turkish Riviera Day 3 – “Side” trip/planning

Turkish Riviera — first couple days

Day One We had a nice and easy late afternoon departure fro Munich. We took a train down and though the platform was packed, and the train itself arriving from Nürnberg with a ton of passengers on it looked foreboding. But practically all of them got off in Regensburg, leaving easy seats for us and … Continue reading Turkish Riviera — first couple days

Christmas Turkey tips

As previously mentioned, we’ve signed up for a trip to the Turkish Riviera. Would y’all who’ve previously been there please generously deposit your tips as comments here? We’re looking for helpful hints and activity suggestions regarding the Turkish Riviera specifically or travel to/within Turkey in general. Here’s our rough itinerary: Depart Munich on December 19th … Continue reading Christmas Turkey tips