slept away my döner day

It’s Saturday, and it’s been a very relaxing one, for the most part. It was kind of a rough week what with a possible plumbing emergency, cleaning up other people’s messes at work, all-day meetings, and appointments with the tax advisor. So I’ve been slacking today — I figure I’ve earned it. I got up at 06:30 by mistake and then took a great afternoonish nap for a couple of hours after finishing another chapter of The Ersatz Elevator (“A Series of Unforunate Events #5”) by Lemony Snicket.

I couldn’t figure out what was missing from my Saturday. And then it hit me: I need a döner.

Several weekends in a row, Sarah and I have done our Saturday grocery shopping at Kaufland, a large department store across from the Bahnhof in the Regensburger Arcaden. Integrated into Kaufland is a great little döner shop. It’s been recommended to us as the best döner in Regensburg (thanks Jentry & Markus!), and it’s a whole Euro cheaper than the one in my office park for a comparable product. I think I’ve developed a sort of dependency on my Saturday afternoon döner. This is not good.

For more about döner kebaps in general, check this wikipedia entry.

good food and some stream of consciousness

Sarah and I were chowing down in our favorite Kurdish restaurant Exil this evening, where they always seem to have music playing that I like, or at least can tolerate. Tonight, our favorite waitress was working. She’s our favorite because she memorized our drinks and Sarah’s preference for *den Salat [ohne]( [Zwiebeln](, bitte* pretty early, and she occasionally hooks up with free coffee-drinks (*espressi*, *cappucini*, lattés, that sort of thing) — tonight was one of those nights.

Anyhoo, the other dude working tonight, who actually took our order, is the one who asks if we want garlic with our meals, as if it were optional or something. We always say “*na klar!*” to properly convey that we are [*profis*]( when it comes to Exil and garlic in general (the food has been extra tasty every time this happens). This guy seems to have a thing for soul. He was jamming out behind the bar to the likes of Barry White, Aretha Franklin, the Dramatics. And then James Brown’s the Payback came on. That reminded me of the movie of the same name (starring Mel Gibson). My favorite in the movie is when the older, white-haired gangster dude says something along the lines of “$70,000? Is that all? I’ve got *suits* that cost more than that.” I couldn’t remember his name. Fortunately, I’m married to an []( in human form and she promptly recognized who I was talking about without having seen the movie.

It was James Coburn — one third of the fabled Three Lees (along with more obvious Lees like Lee Marvin and Lee Majors). How could I have forgotten who that was?

Wow, the very first post…

So, here I am, in the land of the hip and cool bloggerness. Is amazing content expected to spew forth from me now?

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