Nice Day along the Danube

…and also the Altmühl.

A buddy and I met up with our bikes at the train station in Sinzing late this morning and biked our way to lunch near Bad Abbach. Then we pressed on to Kelheim for a nice ice cream treat. We went back the way we came a bit for me to catch the train in Saal an der Donau.

It was a cheap (local train fare is a pittance, a bit more to take your bike along with you, and the ferry dude gets a euro per head) and easy way to enjoy one of the last pleasant-weather Sundays for a while. I might need to acquire a book of bike path routes around here, like my pal has — he planned our route with it.

Seems like there’s a lot of local exploring that can be done without a car, if you can leverage the benefits of your bike and the local train system and plan your day around it. It helps to put the ice cream stop a few kilometers away from the lunch break.