Not Eating Out in New York » Win the How To Cook Everything iPhone App (and a conversation with Mark Bittman)

How to Cook Everything appHow to Cook Everything appHow to Cook Everything app

Not Eating Out in New York » Win the How To Cook Everything iPhone App (and a conversation with Mark Bittman).

I read this blog (linked above) mostly for a little inspiration — a lot of the stuff is hard for us to get/make, or involves ingredients I don’t particularly like (think squash). But today I saw an entry from the author referencing another foodie dude I read — Mark Bittman — and a new iPhone/iPod Touch app he’s published in the store.

This app, entitled (like his book) “How to Cook Everything,” is awesome. For an app from a “minimalist,” it sure is feature- and content-rich. You get the entire contents of the book, which has been on my Wish List for a long time (but no more), plus swell search options, built in timers (when you hit that part of the recipe instructions to let something sit for x minutes, there’s a built-in timer right there for you to use and modify if necessary), and a really nifty grocery shopping list.

All this for a measly €1,59 — so I snapped it up immediately.

Zippy Crunchy Salad

We bought too many apples for use in a somewhat successful apple pie experiment this weekend. We bought too many carrots for use in a partially satisfying falafel/veggie burger experiment this weekend. I bought a bag of lemons on a whim this weekend and they are already starting to look questionable (Bio-Zitronen…).

So I invented a salad.*

I pulled on my Microplane Kevlar glove purchased at Pryde’s Old Westport, hauled out the mandoline from my mom (thanks Mom!) and julienned up three or four Yellow Delicious apples, crinkle-cut one big carrot’s worth of discs, squished in the juice of one lemon and dumped a little sugar (I’d guess about a teaspoon and a half) to take the edge off the citric acid.

Hol. E. Kau. That is some tasty stuff. Make sure you haven’t burned the roof of your mouth on anything recently though — you’ll be reminded of it during the consumption of this salad.

*I found some recipes online calling for yogurt or mayonnaise and raisins and stuff like that. I’m sure those would be fine, but I’m more than happy with my version. Probably almond slivers would be a nice touch, too. Maybe next time on those.