Donaumarkt moved slightly further south to Alter Kornmarkt

Regensburg’s Donaumarkt is, as I have written before, one of my weekend joys. Due to construction at its usual spot down on the riverbank, it has had to move Alter Kornmarkt — at least temporarily. Will it end up there permanently? How long into the autumn season will it continue to run?

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Stadtamhof Weinfest 2012

You know it’s Fall when the last weekend festival around Regensburg has come and gone. Stadtamhof is our island neighborhood just over the Steinerne Brücke from the historic Altstadt, and it hosts a wine festival every year at the close of the summer. The music is usually awful — this year was no exception. The food can be kind of hit-or-miss (this year seemed more of a hit — particularly the Flammkuchen). And Regensburg isn’t much of a wine region, so the winesellers are pitching domestic whites (and Federweißer) from real wine regions in Germany and imported reds from all over. On the first day, almost no one showed up because the weather was so foreboding. That made getting a seat and something to eat particularly easy. Today, the second and final day, it was packed. Which is fun at first, but quickly grows tiresome.

Happy Fall!

Welcome to November

Today seems like a good day for cider mill doughnuts, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomato soup. U2’s “One,” covered by Johnny Cash, fits in here well, too.[audio:]