rather surprising culinary evening

Last night, Sarah and I headed out to Andrea & Alex & Benjamin’s house for an Indian feast with Alex and Matt while Andrea and Benjamin are still traveling around the U.S.

Holy crap, that man can cook. Who knew? We sure didn’t. And we intend to ruthlessly steal those recipes from him. Here’s what we had:

    the starters

  • a creamy, yet fiery, cold cucumber soup with fresh chopped cilantro garnish to start us off
  • papadums with mango chutney
    the main course dishes

  • chicken vindaloo
  • lamb vindaloo
  • chicken tandoori
  • dal
    the desserts

  • carrot pudding — and in my humble opinion, this dish stole the show
  • a Nutella Cake which we brought and whose leftovers we enjoyed this morning
    The booze afterward

  • B-52 shots

    Hope you like it sweet.
    Hope you like it sweet.
    According to wikipedia you shouldn’t use Grand Marnier if you want it to flame up, and instead you should use something with higher alcohol content. But we got the Grand Marnier to light just fine.