On the wings of … wait, what?

Sarah and I rented a car this weekend to head up to Hirschau for the Annual Jentry‘s Throwin’ A Party! party. (This is the same party as last year around this time, to which I now refer as The Toenail Party). We rented a car from Sixt, who have conveniently moved to a mere 15-minute walk from our apartment. We showed up, signed off, and checked out the car.

I was poring over the list of documented dings, dents, and scratches when I stumbled upon a word I’d never seen before. Thanks to German being such a fan of compound words, and having acquired a decent vocabulary in most of the last decade, it’s not often (anymore) that I encounter a stumper. But this one threw me:


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two car rentals in one day

I pride myself on being pretty automobile-independent, but as it happened I rented two cars in one day yesterday for two completely different purposes. The first one was due to a SNAFU in getting back to Regensburg from Iasi via Munich (which worked out just fine after all — just a little more hassle than I wanted), and second one was for attending Jentry and Markus’s wedding reception in Hirschau.

We ended up renting it for the whole day, and that means we can do some exploring today before we return it. We’re thinking of a trip to Weltenburg for brunch, like last year with Tammy and Matthias.

Here are the remaining snapshots from my most recent trip to Iasi:
clouds 1 clouds 3 clouds 2 night shift