Lufthansa Deal until 16:00 Today!!

As a Mother’s Day promotion, Lufthansa is offering up to 40% off selected destinations. I tried out a sample itinerary (MUC-BOS, 24 Nov-28 Nov) and it returned a great schedule and price, under 650€ for both of us, R/T.

You must book today by 4pm, depart between 15.10.2010 and 15.12.2010, return between 17.10.2010 and 15.03.2011 (!) and stay for a minimum of 6 days (as opposed to the more common 2). The default departure city is Frankfurt, but I changed it to Munich for my search and the base price came back lower than advertised.

Happy travels!

Travel Deals 29.04.2010

The financial crisis seems to be easing its chokehold on the travel industry, but there are still opportunities to save a little.

Starwood Properties in Europe on Sale
Starwood Hotels include Westin, Sheraton and Le Meridien (and several others), in addition to several one-off properties. CheapTickets is offering a variety of savings on hotels in large European cities. CheapTickets can be a little tricky to navigate, so take some time to fiddle around with it. Book by May 23, 2010, or until supplies last. Seriously, some of the properties have already sold out.

New Routes on Air Berlin for Summer
Air Berlin has added a handful of new destinations to their already shockingly comprehensive European coverage. Oddly enough, this includes a route to San Francisco! As per usual with Air Berlin, you have to search a little for the best fares and each leg of the journey is priced separately.

That’s all I’ve got this time. If you know of any interesting offers, please leave them in the comments!

Dear Mr. KLM*

So Cliff got this nugget of preciousness in his e-mail today (click on it to make it readable):


Isn’t it cute how they photoshopped the seats that they’re touting out of the picture entirely? I especially like the lady by the “window” who looks like she’s snoozing in a comfy armchair. Why bother with pesky realities like a 1.5° recline or armrests? We got fares to peddle!

Wow, KLM. Just wow. I knew that the balkanization of the economy cabin was coming (and KLM isn’t the only offender on this score, UNITED), but I thought it was going to be isolated to exit rows. Spreading the upcharge fever to the bulkhead rows as well is really slimy. I’ve only flown KLM a couple of times and, in terms of service while in flight and in the airport, I have no complaints. But their frequent flier program is atrociously structured, they are rarely the most competitively priced option (and they don’t appear to offer any extra comfort, amenities or reliability to justify the higher price) and now they’re pulling this stunt?

It’s still economy. I still need a shoehorn (butthorn?) to get in and out of the seats, whether in the center row or a bulkhead row. I may very well pay a little more for bulkhead seating now, if only to avoid your planes.

*Thanks Ianthis cracked me up so much that I just had to give a shout out!

Lufthansa Sale Alert!

Just got an e-mail from Lufthansa this morning that they’re doing a 48-hour Fall & Winter fare sale. There are some good looking prices for travel from Germany to North & South America, Asia and Africa. Departures from 15 October, 2010, to 31 January, 2011, and returns from 17 October, 2010, to 28 February, 2011, are valid. Blackout dates do apply – 16 December, 2010 to 8 January, 2011 – sorry, Christmas travelers. You must purchase by midnight, 5 March and if you can plan this far in advance, it looks like a nice deal – up to 30% off.

Travel Deals 13.01.2010

Hi all! I finally caught wind of some deals that weren’t total garbage. And, what better time to start planning getaways than when suffering under the Northern hemisphere’s weather systems’ current jihad.

Cathay Pacific to Australia & New Zealand
This one goes on for a while. Until February 28, you can book flights from FRA only to various destinations in Australia and Auckland in NZ. The travel period is rather restricted – May 1 to June 30 – but the prices aren’t too outrageous. With fares that start just over 760€ RT and an easily searchable site, this one looks like a winner.

Aer Lingus specials from Munich
For purchase until January 22, Aer Lingus is offering low-fare flights to Dublin and Cork in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. The terms say that the offer is valid for flights until March 24, but the exact start date isn’t given. And the Aer Lingus site does that infuriating thing where each leg of the flight is priced separately and fare, fees and taxes are all broken out into line items and not brought together for a total until the final page before purchase. That said, you can still do flights on certain dates for as little as 79€ per head. Not too shabby.

That’s all for now. Anything else interesting comes along, I’ll post in the comments. You do the same if you have something you just gotta share.

Bookmark this!

Every Thursday, the New York Times Online posts new articles in its Travel section (you have to subscribe to access some of the articles, but I’ve never received any spam from them). This week, they posted this:

100 Hotels Under $150

They only cover hotels in large cities and Prague is the only representative in Eastern Europe, but they have a handful of suggestions for many of the most expensive destinations (Paris, London, Rome, etc.). And for those of us on the Euro, the under-$150 price tag translates to almost under 100€. Just be warned, these hotels were all recommendations of Times readers. As with all user-submitted content, YMMV.

Travel Deals 16.09.09

I hate summer. The travel deals kind of bottom out. And it’s hot. And bright. Boo.

But fall is here now! The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and the deals are bubbling back up! It’s only Wednesday, but I’ve already found a few interesting looking offers. So buckle up and put up those seat backs and tray tables, people! I’m excited!! WOOOOT!!!

Air Berlin fall deals **TIME SENSITIVE**
Air Berlin is offering some low fares to certain destinations in Europe and in the U.S., but only for the remainder of today! If you are a flexible traveler, dates in November and December are up for grabs. As always, the easy-to-use Air Berlin date display will help you find the best deal. Go to Air Berlin to see the details.

Lufthansa for two
For travel between 1 November and 28 February, two people can fly Lufthansa from any airport in Germany to selected European destinations for as low as 169€ round trip! You must book by 20 September and not all dates qualify. Employ the buddy system at Lufthansa.

Travelzoo Smörgåsbord
Travelzoo is one of my favorite spammers. I’m not always tickled by what I get from them, but I find out about online travel sellers, airlines and types of packages I never knew about before. The most diverse offering at Travelzoo is the Top 20 List, which you can receive weekly via e-mail. For example, this week features a couple of spa package offers in Germany, a couple of Scandinavian get-away deals and special fares from Air China to selected Asian destinations. There’s even a Seychelles island-hopping offer. I highly suggest cruising by Travelzoo to check what’s on offer – you don’t have to subscribe to check the weekly Top 20.

Happy travels! And if you have tips of your own, please let me know in the comments.