ESME e.V. Summer Concert, 20:00, July 28, 2012

Looking for something to do in Munich on Saturday, July 28? Might I suggest an evening at the Gasteig with the English Speaking Music Ensembles (formerly Toytown Singers and Orchestra)?

The choir (of which I am member) and orchestra will be performing an eclectic program, with classical, folk and modern pop elements. There really will be something that appeals to all tastes. Tickets are available through München Ticket or one hour before the performance at the Gasteig ticket counter.

Any questions? Comment here!

Pass the Peas, like we used to say

Last night, our Budapest travel buddy Monet accompanied us to the Alte Mälzerei for the Fred Wesley and the New JBs show there. This was our first time in the Alte Mälzerei, but I daresay it won’t be our last. Nice little venue; we chose some standing room space across the room from the stage for the night and it felt pretty intimate.

The band came in one member at time, starting with the bassist, pretty much on time at just before or after nine o’clock, to the bass line of Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon and built up from there. They played most of the stuff I’d hoped for, plus some I hadn’t. A couple times they got a little too experimentally jazzy for our tastes, but I think they had a sense that the audience was there for the funk, so they brought it back around to groovy stuff right after that each time. It was a good show.

Here’s about six minutes of awesome music in crappy quality:

Attention local Friends of the Funk

funky_good_time_anthology.jpgThis just in (though I think Sarah told me about it some time ago and today I was reminded of it again): Funk legend Fred Wesley and the New JB’s are playing at Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg on Friday, April 16th. Do you know who this guy is? He was James Brown’s band leader, composer, arranger, etc., and later went on to collaborate with Parliament / Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins. He is working on some neat Klezmer-Funk fusion stuff under the moniker Abraham Inc.

This show promises to be one not to miss. Who’s with me on this one?

Here’s a sampler:

Shantel and Bucovina Club Orkestar in Lappersdorf

Last night Sarah and I and some colleagues from work with the most similar tastes in music to ours met up outside the village of Lappersdorf.  What better way to experience slightly creepy circus music than under a circus tent?  That was in fact the venue, wrapping up a festival of various acts on the Freizeitgelände “Alter Regen.”  Tickets were 14€ if you bought in advance or 16€ at the door.  Sarah procured ours in advance and we were quite pleased to see that they were valid as RVV (local public transit) tickets for four hours before and until close-of-business on the night of the concert.  Other cool stuff:  free parking for those who drove and the beer was actually reasonably priced (3€ for a 0,5 — just barely more than standard restaurant pricing).

The best shots of the evening (I really need to get an external flash):

just in time for a little Nachtmusik

Thanks for all the well-wishing after the last post. I’m feeling better today and may even attempt a Viennese Verlängerten and a pastry or two!

Yesterday, after wimping out on Schönbrunn, I displayed my gumption and attended a concert of Strauss and Mozart stuff with the peeps at the Kursalon about five minutes away from our rental apartment by taxi. I was exhausted by the end, but glad I stuck it out. It was fun! There was a good mix of well-recognized favorites and stuff that was new to me. I probably could have done without the singing and dancing numbers, but the rest of the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

I didn’t take any pictures, because I didn’t bring my camera with me. I thought for sure that they’d have made me check it at the coat check (you know, recording performances and all) but the management gave their blessing on photography during the applause, which surprised me somewhat. Here are some remaining pictures from Salzburg instead:

Below the fortress, behind the cathedral Looking down from the fortress Po in the Mirabell Gardens ahh, the magic...