Bridge Update and Dult Prep, May 2015

We’re really, really close to getting our half of the bridge back. I mean, we must be. Right? Pavers are in place, the sidewalls are up. What’s holding us back? Besides the chicken wire, I mean.


Are these guys supposed to be helping with the bridge? Or the museum construction project happening on the site of the old Donaumarkt (just a bit downstream and under the Eiserner Brücke from here)?


Maybe they can’t get there because of how high and fast the river is at the moment.

Or maybe they’re just waiting around for Maidult to get rolling, which as you can see below, is also nearly ready.



Maidult always opens up with fireworks over the river the first evening; maybe they’ll be celebrating the closure of that phase of the bridge construction, too.

Bitte haben Sie mit dem Wetter etwas GeDULT

Regensburg’s annual fall festival — the Dult — kicked off last night with some pretty sloshy weather, but that didn’t keep the crowds away.

It was a great opportunity for a Radlermaß and pretzel to close out the work week.

The rain kept coming down, and we had to remind ourselves that it was actually quite a welcome change from the sticky, muggy weather we’d been having all week.

Nevertheless, I was glad these ponies didn’t have to work in the rain.

Let the Beer Gardening begin

The weather’s been nice enough for beer garden visits for months now, but I tend to think of the kick-off of the Maidult (Regensburg’s Spring Festival) as the true opening of the season. Yesterday, pleased to be able to get out of work at a reasonable time, I zipped home on my bike, changed my clothes, and we headed out into the street to watch the parade of local clubs marching onto our island toward the Dultplatz. Then it was just a few steps further over to the Spitalgarten for dinner.

I’m not sure what the deal with the Zombie Bride & Groom was, or what their association with Regensburg’s Youth Wind Ensemble was. Continue reading Let the Beer Gardening begin

It takes all kinds at the Regensburg Dult

What I love most about the Dult, our twice-per-year carnival in Regensburg, is the people watching. Sure, there are some other perks — fair food, scary rides (owing to their ricketiness, if you ask me), ponies (who doesn’t love ponies!?). Some who’ve visited with me have noted my peculiar attraction to the housewares stands (see those giant wooden spoons below?).

But the Dult brings everyone out, kind of like Cedar Point in the Midwest USA, if that means anything to you. And I get to take inventory.

The Dult is done, now come visit us for serious reasons

Sunday marked the final day of the Regensburger Maidult 2011. We managed to visit a few times — more than usual — for a taste of the local carny flavor. But don’t worry — there’ll be plenty of Fest over the summer to tide you over until the Herbstdult rolls around again in August. Here’s a short video of the Bierzelt flavor, for the uninitiated. Note: this is the Early-Sunday-Afternoon Oma & Opa vibe, which I much prefer to the inevitable Sweet Home Alabama and Country Roads vibe — that’s for evening Dult events.

In other news, Regensburg proudly unveiled its World Heritage Visitor Center on Saturday night. It is a free, permanent exhibit explaining what it takes to be a World Heritage Site and why Regensburg fulfills those requirements. It has a lot of potential visitors from our household over the coming weeks. I think it’ll be perfect for those just getting off the train, after just getting off the plane, trying to stay awake as long as possible to beat the jet lag on the first day before crashing out. It’s right on the Danube banks in the Salzstadel (right next to the Weenie Shack of the Ages), has all text in German and English, and features of plenty interactivity: buttons to push, motion-triggered movies, “secret” cupboards the curious can open to dig deeper into Regensburg’s cultural past. It was neat!

some local pictures on a day with nice weather

The Dult came to a close tonight. You can see how distasteful that is to the locals.

I got a small case of camera-envy in Munich based on pals’ polarizing filter. So I sprang for one today at my local camera shop, given the Verkaufsoffener Sonntag we happened to have this weekend. I like having some degree of control over how blue the sky looks and/or how much glare reflects back toward the eye off of non-metallic surfaces.

We also finally ducked into the church we lived closest to for five years for the first time this afternoon. Holy Rococo, Batman!