We can’t keep track of our stuff. We’re too quick to loan things out and not organized enough to keep careful track of who has what. Then we make the mistake of promising things to people that we no longer have in our possession and have lost track of who currently has it.

That’s a long-winded way of asking you all: do any of you guys have our stuff? Particularly our ‘Mad Men’ season 2 and our ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ seasons 1-4 DVD sets? Or, if you have these and know they’re borrowed (but not sure whose they are), please contact us, whether by e-mail or in the comments.


now that’s what I call a fest

The Laaber Bürgerfest was a great time! Gerhard and Uschi were excellent hosts, showing us around their favorite spots based on prior experience. Met some nice new people too.

Great food, great beers, great people.

Great day.

Here’s a clip of the Laaber Akkordeonclub’s set of ABBA’s greatest hits:

eurovision — seriously, these people mean it

OK, where have we been for the last two years!? How have we missed the Eurovision song contest?

This stuff is **incredibly** bad.


**Lithuania — the Stuart Smalleys of the semi-finals** We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are! We are, we are!
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are! We are, we are!

So, you gotta vote,
Vote, vote for the winners
Vote, vote, vote for the winners

We are the winners of Eurovision
(de Vilnius city a Paris)
(LT United ici)
We are the winners of Eurovision
(chantons la meme chanson)
(‘cos we got it goin’ on)

06_iceland_2006_right **Iceland’s entry got booed through-out — with good reason.**
(phone – conversation)
Hello is it god?
What’s up dog?
It’s your favourite person in the world Silvia Night
I’m saving the world
See you…bye

So congratulations I have arrived
I’m Silvia Night and I’m shining so bright
Eurovision nation your dreams will come true
You’ve been waiting forever
For me to save you
Wham bam boom

dima No lyrics necessary, just look at that fine Russian mullet.

and who could forget Lordi from Finland?

arrested development — it’s in the ZON

While visiting our pals Sara and Luke in K.C. earlier this month, I got acquainted with some very good things.

  1. this excellent beer — Boulevard ZON. The coriander and orange peel flavors go great together. Just loved it.
  2. Arrested Development — I caught an episode on Luke’s outstanding HDTV big ol’ widescreen thinger and thought to myself, “that’s funny stuff, and something I’ll never see in Germany.” So, I bought the DVD of the first season at a local FYE while killing some time while Sarah was visiting Joey at Sephora. Good stuff. Really, really, good stuff.

If only I could enjoy them simultaneously. Oh well, tomorrow’s a holiday, and I plan to spend a least a little time outdoors enjoying something a little more local. On a Monday. In the middle of the day. Oh yeah, lovin’ the May Day.

orthonith…orlonithogi…uh…yeah, the Birds

Last night our KC pals Brian and Mikey treated us three-fold: we got a night out on the town at a local theaterYes, these are all male actors., a nifty zester/grater to save our knuckles from the ravages of our old-fashioned knuckle-buster, grater and a fantastic creamy, yummy dessert called Coeur a la Crème (or something equally fru-fru). Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I was unable to snap a photo of it, but it looked really nice. I think we’re going to have to buy a heart-shaped mold and buy a lot of cream cheese after returning to Regensburg. But it looked as good as it tasted, which was simply heavenly. Think of a cloud with raspberries and a raspberry sauce and you’ll be close. I expect the recipe will be available soon in our recipes section.

Thanks guys, for a great time, great dessert, and great…uh, grater.

half-moon lingers on

Tammy taught us a new posture on Friday, and I’m still feeling it in a couple tender areas. The whole class was based on strong postures, so that worked out for me and Sarah. I think in particular I did better than I otherwise would have due to all those years spent slalom waterskiing, where smoothly shifting weight from front foot to back at the right time makes the difference between a fancy roostertail and powerwashed set of sinus cavities.

After that we decided on beer and bowling as the best combination to further relax our minds and muscles. Though in my case, after gliding through the last half of the work week in an on-site training, I have to say I was pretty mellow by Friday evening anyway.

For dinner tonight we tried out a great new recipe, which Sarah promptly posted. It was great, but a word of caution — it’s so good that you’ll want to eat a lot of it, and that could very well make you sleepy. So don’t drive or operate any heavy machinery afterward.