Two Vallartan slideshows

Two slideshows up in this post. I hope you enjoy them.

My sister and brother-in-law departed today, headed back home to cold parts of the world (though apparently not quite cold enough for winter sports, he lamented). It was great seeing them; we attended their wedding in December 2007 (after a previous visit to Puerto Valllarta) and hadn’t seen them since. We only overlapped with them for two full days (odd that we didn’t notice that at the time of ticket purchase), but we’re thankful for the time we had and their recommendations in the whale watching adventure.

Here are just a few shots of them, with me trying to get my candid artsiness on:

And here are the shots from our whale watching adventure. There are about 30 of them…Sarah and I tried to cut it down, but although these shots are not technically perfect, we’re already reliving the thrill by viewing them. We were lucky to get not only a glimpse of a whale, but a mother-calf combo at play.

How to make the BIL squirm

Colin recently moved out and got his own apartment in another state starting a career for we which we should all be thankful. But I still couldn’t resist.

I think back fondly upon my single, bachelor, roommate-less days, but I sure don’t miss ’em. Especially not this week while Sarah’s out of town back to the U.S. for another wedding (and if we make it back for Phil and Maureen’s, that will be three returns to the U.S. in three years for three weddings) and I’m batchin’ it again. This will be the longest stretch we’ve been apart since getting married 3 years ago.

a lot can change in 20 or 30 years

My dad’s friend created a DVD full of scans of old slides for him; these are some of my favorites of the batch. Click any of these for a closer look or this link to see a slideshow on flickr.