Rockiest part of the road behind us, I hope

It’s good to be home. Sarah photographically documented these aspects of the “ordeal” (I’m being dramatic here; it was not as big a deal as I make it seem). I was initially glad we went with the Evangelisches Krankenhaus due to their proximity to our house. But after all is said and done, I’m glad to have had such a “personalized” experience. Choosing a smaller hospital definitely felt like the right choice, because I met with the surgeons* before and every day after the procedure and had direct line of communication to them via the nurses on my floor.

Surgery is not something you do for fun, but the especially the nurses in the surgery department did their best to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery, and being home a whole day earlier than expected is proof enough for me.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: my out-of-pocket costs are 10€ per day for a hospital stay, for up to 28 days per year. I don’t know what the co-pays would have been under my HMO back in Michigan, but I wager they’d have been higher. This health care system is getting high marks in my book.

I’m thinking some day when Sarah’s out getting her voice lesson on or otherwise occupied, I’ll invite Tammy over or bring my “eggs” over to her and we’ll extract them out of their Evil Sauce and do a proper dissection.

We’re finally out of the Stone Age

See, I can do witty blog commentary, too.

For everyone I haven’t been able to contact personally, Cliff’s surgery took place on Monday afternoon. He had his gallbladder removed in a laparoscopic procedure, which was what we fervently hoped would take place. There were several gallstones, and because he thought fast and asked the doctors to save them for him, they set aside four of the largest ones. They’re each about the size of a peanut M&M, dark brown with a dappled pattern and utterly repulsive. They’re preserved in what I think is formaldehyde – whatever it is, it’s a sickly green color and I’ve just taken to calling it ‘evil sauce.’

Cliff is doing really well now. He was a little loopy yesterday afternoon, after coming out of surgery, but that’s to be expected. He is currently completely lucid and able to move around without much pain. He’s also desperately bored, which is unfortunate, since he’s probably there for at least the next couple of days. If anyone wants to visit him, I’m sure he would be tickled.

Photos to come later.

I think my yellowness is fading

Sorry to all those who eagerly awaited photos of my altered skin tone. I can still see some yellowness in my eyes, but just a little and my face looks a lot less yellow to me now — especially when compared to my shoulders and arms and chest. Those areas are still kind of yellow, but I expect the jaundice will fade from the top down, just like it arrived. My doctor* and I are guessing that there was a small stone (like in the 1mm ballpark) in a bile duct somewhere which was impeding outbound bile traffic. I visited him yesterday for the first time and we drew some blood and I’m expecting results back today; I am hopeful they’ll (help) confirm that my gall bladder removal surgery scheduled for Monday the 12th doesn’t need to be expedited, and that it’ll be a simple laparoscopic procedure.

This is not the only clue I have had that things are working (more) properly again; last night my team members from Iasi, Romania, who are in town visiting, and Sarah and I visited the Fürstliches Brauhaus for dinner. I was actually hungry and ate well. There are some other indications I would be happy to describe at length with you, but I suspect the pleasure of such an description would be all mine. Trust me.