Help on Hong Kong, please!

200px Hong Kong SAR Regional Emblem svgNeed some help here.

After living in Central Europe for nearly eight years and taking advantage of all the neat travel opportunities, we’re tippy-toeing into some of the rest of the world, starting with Hong Kong in February 2012. Emirates had a special on some airfare, Sarah found us a not-too-shabby deal on, and we’ve pulled the trigger.

So what should we do while we’re there? Your advice is most welcome!

Points to ponder:

  • Sarah’s never been to Asia before, but I have been to three cities in China now on business.
  • We picked Hong Kong sorta because we’re hoping to get a little semi-Asian experience under our belts before diving into some other place less accessible to Westerners with not a lick of Chinese among them.
  • We’ll be there after the Chinese New Year happens for just about a week.
  • We’re staying in Kennedy Town at a hotel. No idea yet on how to get there from the airport; we’re grateful for any suggestions.

travel agent recommendations?

We’re looking at some potentially complicated travel:

  • There are no non-stop flights to our destination from anywhere near us.
  • There are no flights that will take us all the way to the destination via our airline alliance of choice.
  • Some of the best deals we’ve found via our airline alliance of choice for the long-haul part of the trip would require an overnight stay in a foreign (to us, sorta) city before travel on an off-brand airline could continue to our final destination.
  • Booking airline tickets à la carte scares the bejeezus out of me, since I’m not a travel agent and don’t know how to set up interline ticketing for myself. I would hate to miss a connecting flight due to a delay on the first flight and have to purchase a second connecting flight ticket.
  • Four bullets really would have been plenty for a post like this.

So my fellow expatriate globetrotters living in Germany: can you recommend us a travel agent? Preferably one with a branch here in Regensburg? I’d love some consumer experiences to help me decide. We’ve never used a travel agent for anything before.