Cold, Wet, Jazzy Sunday

Ham PieUnfortunately, the music today was also pretty terrible. You could tell the motivation just wasn’t there, because so many people weren’t there, because it was just so insistent with the rain. We’d intended to get brunch at Vitus, since a zippy-looking band was scheduled to play there, but when we got there, the sky had already opened up and everything inside was absolutely packed. So we mosied over to the Hotel Orphée instead. After a little bit of confusion with the waitress (we didn’t know they had a special Jazzfest Weekend menu and she didn’t know we’d been looking at the ordinary one), huddling together under a drippy awning outside we enjoyed a lovely couple of Milchkaffees and Quiche Lorraine — known to the likes of Po fondly as “ham pie.”

So, without further ado, today’s audio samplage:

p7133731 p7133732 p7133735 p7133737

p7133727And just for good measure: here’s a couple of Döner spindles. I guess the one on the left is in the process of thawing.

p7133739Oh, and a THINGpad? (Click it and look closely.) I guess, for many around here, “sink,” “think,” “thing,” and “think” are all mutually indistinguishable.

Big Cuke / Chess Fest 2008 opening night

First the interesting part — check out this cucumber we spotted at Edeka today while shopping!

Big Cuke

Next, a sampler from Chess Fest 2008’s opening night last night:

Locals: wondering why Sarah’s not to be found outside the apartment this weekend? Here’s why. To be fair, the weather was positively awful. The wind noise at the beginning of the track was that of wind getting amplified through the salsa band’s microphones and speakers, not my MD recorder. It was pouring. So I gotta give ’em credit for gumption inspite of the weather, at least.

I’m hoping for some less whitebread-sounding stuff this evening. Stumbling upon something as cool as the Jazz Police like at last year’s Bürgerfest would be redeeming.

Jazzfest Jazzfest Jazzfest