Atmospheric Conditions

The weather has been mighty weird around here lately. We’re down in the South, so we’re not getting battered by hurricane-force storms like the North is, but we’re still feeling its effects. The clouds, when not sprinkling rain, freezing rain, or (less recently) dumping big soft fluffy snowflakes onto us, are racing across the sky, bringing dynamic shadows to our town. The Danube is overflowing its banks on the islands, but not quite yet on the city side. It’s not far off, either.

Once in a while, when the clouds and sun play nice together, we get a rosy sky at dusk around 16:45:
Pink Sky[exif id=”10524″]

Flaniermeile at the Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt

We discovered a new section of the Christmas market on the palace grounds!

Has the Flaniermeile1 always been there? It’s just a loop around a pond I didn’t know was there, with a little sausage and Glühwein hut at the end of it. But they’ve got it lit nicely, and I couldn’t resist a couple attempts at a long exposure. Here’s my favorite one:


Frohe Weihnachten!

  1. flanieren = to saunter []

Bridge Update for September

Hoo, look at that, it’s been a whole month since the last post!

Lots of work stuff has been keeping me busy, and Sarah’s music ensemble has come out of their summer hibernation and are warming up again for the winter concert.

Sometime around the end of August on the city-side of the bridge (that’s the south bank of the Danube) we could see what looked to be coarse tarmac waiting for a new surface, and a couple of cable ports poking through the side wall pieces.


Earlier this week we saw the same pavers as on the Stadtamhof side of the bridge.


You’d think this would signal that the end of the project is near, but there’s still about the middle one-third of the bridge which hasn’t had any work done on it at all (barring the removal of the Bruckmandl for off-site restoration), and the project timeline is calls for activity until 2017.


bridge supports upright and waitingThey put those giant supports all along the length of the bridge for a reason: I guess the strategy was to work on the ends of the bridge first and then the middle section last.

World Cup Fever on the Steinerne Brücke

Germans are getting goofy with their World Cuppery. It’s kind of nice to see them cut loose and blow off some steam.

Not a whole lot of progress on the bridge to report since last time. At the south terminus you can see the nice new interlocking stones forming the base of the future sidewalls.


So I’ll leave you with a nice scene from the bridge instead of of the bridge.


Bridge Update, End of March 2014

Big developments on the bridge this week! They’ve closed off the main archway, diverting all foot and bicycle traffic through the secondary arch leading past the entrance the UNESCO World Heritage vistors center and onto the stretch of auxiliary bridge. Scaffolding has replaced the side rails on the south stretch of the bridge. Only the middle section of the bridge and the ramp from there down to Müllerstraße, Alte Linde and the rest of the Oberer Wöhrd are available at the moment. Wonder when they’re finally going to re-open the north end (the Stadtamhof side)…it’s been inaccessible since they first started this project.

View South
View South
Main arch closed
Main arch closed
View North
View North
View West
View West

Bridge Work Update February 2014

Finally had nice weather today in Regensburg. I can’t remember the last time I needed sunglasses. I was glad to have them today while out grocery shopping.

Regensburg Stone Bridge Update 2014-02-22

The bridge work appears to have stalled again — there is nothing new to report since last time, except that that new segment of auxiliary bridge is in operation now. You can see it in the picture above; there are only three unused trestles left now. Once those are supporting walkers1 as well, the whole stretch of bridge from the South shore to the North shore will be closed off.

I wonder, since the rampy part leading down to what we call Tammy‘s Island has been completed since around the time the Christmas markets closed up shop for the year. If you can walk up the ramp adjoining the West side of the original bridge, how will they let you cross its width, ostensibly under construction, to get to the wood-and-steel auxiliary bridge stretched out parallel to its East side?

Oh well, a mystery to be revealed, I guess.

  1. And not bikers, right? No ever rides a bike on the Fußgängerbrücke, right? []

The Advent of the New Pedestrian Bridge Segment

Big progress to report in bridge news! The third* segment of auxiliary bridge looks like it’s going to be ready for foot traffic very soon.

We noticed this on Saturday, on our way into the Lucrezia Markt, Regensburg’s somewhat hippy, artsy Christmas market. I enjoyed a Lammbratwurstsemmel and from the same shack we got the best Reiberdatschi we’ve ever had at a Christmas market.

The rest of the town is in full Christmas Schwung — won’t be long now until it’s all over and we’re just cold and dark again.

*since the project began something like three years ago.