nerd love

I like the reminder that nerdy people sometimes have their own hotness scales. I don’t think they’re all in Niedersachsen, or that all Niedersachsener are like that, though.

My attempt, as an exercise in technodeutsch transcriplation, starting at around 18 seconds in:

“So what do you do?”

“Electrohydraulic guidance systems with drawbar sensors.*

“No way…OK, I do stepless precision crankshaft forging.”

“For real?”


“I would love to get a look at that sometime…a stepless crankshaft…”

“And I’d like to see a drawbar sensor sometime…”

“Oh, so what about pets?”

“Harvester robot…a little bitty one.”

“Oh. Too bad.”

*I’m stumbling here a bit with the term Deichsel. Help?