Downtown Rochester by Night

More than a few years ago, we lived in Downtown Rochester, Michigan. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Sarah and I got the chance to catch up with a friend from Regensburg who moved near there last year.

It was nice to see him and his son and his sister-in-law again. But despite the chance to visit and the festive holiday decorations on the buildings, it was a sad visit for us, since his wife died this past autumn.

We miss her.

Nice night for it

I met up with some local friends for dinner last night and almost didn’t grab the camera on my way out the door. I’m glad I did. I’m also glad I took an unusual (for me) route to the restaurant, heading west on our island first and then crossing the Danube on the Eiserne Steg instead of taking the Steinerne Brücke across the Danube first and then walking the city streets to the restaurant.

I came back a slightly different route, past one of our favorite Biergärten (for the setting, but not the service) and the scene struck me as a little sad, like everyone’s just in a holding pattern until it’s time to break out the Glühwein and tolerate being active outside again.

Photos de la Seine par Nuit

Took these last night. The originals turned out pretty orange due to all the incandescent lighting along the river, but I managed to mess with them in the GIMP somewhat to get the white balance back into an acceptable range.

Wish I understood better how all that stuff works…perhaps a class in modern DSLR photography at my local Volkshochschule is in order (it’s been recommended to me before).

Savourez-vous les photos (et mon français terrible)!

notre_dame_seine_wb_rotated_cropped_4862 notre_dame_wb_cropped_rotated.4868 rotated_cropped_wb_notre_dame_4883 rue_des_ecoles_4886 seine_notre_dame_4860

Bună seara de Iași

Good evening from Iasi! After dinner tonight, I took the camera out with the Gorillapod for some night shots. You can click on them to make them bigger.

Now I’m tired, so I’m going to bed. Big day tomorrow and the rest of the week, actually. You might not hear (see?) from me again here until after I get home on Saturday.

night shots of Dresden

After taking a neat shower, we consulted our travel guide and hit the road in search of something to eat (and we found something, but it wasn’t all that thrilling). Along the way, we got a glimpse of the night skyline through the tram windows, and I knew we would have to come back on foot (much to Sarah’s poor cold body’s chagrin).

But I got these to show for it:

p3252937.jpg p3252941.jpg p3252948.jpg p3252949.jpg p3252954.jpg p3252959.jpg

Tomorrow’s task, after finding some coffee and maybe some breakfast, is to visit these during the day and be able to name them.

Got the WLAN working!

pool by nightMan, I don’t know what it was those first couple of days, but it’s working now and I’m pleased as punch. We got here on Saturday with (in retrospect) only a minor oh-crap moment thanks to United and American Airlines, but all was well when we got through customs and saw our pals waiting for us.

It’s really, really good to be back here. More later!