WEBMU 2014: Nürnberg!


The votes are in and Nürnberg ended up running away with WEBMU 2014, but we still need to settle on a date. The dates that are best for the organizers (full disclosure: we’re a couple of the organizers) are up over in the forums now. Go take a look and choose the date or dates that are best for you and we can nail this thing down.

Need access to the forums? Let us know that you’re not a bot and we’ll take care of it. Have local Nürnberg knowledge that you’re just dying to share? Leave a comment and we’ll get you involved.


While it seems the rest of Germany gets their Fasching on Rosenmontag or Faschingsdienstag on, the big deal for Nürnberg was apparently Sunday (we headed home to Regensburg that afternoon, so we’re not sure if it got any goofier on Monday or Tuesday). Here are some shots of from the parade. It was freezing, but the kitsch was still fun.

Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in the World?  Regensburger Historische Wurstküche, are you going to take that lying down???
Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in the World? Regensburger Historische Wurstküche, are you going to take that lying down???
The Ugly is just a mask
The Ugly is just a mask
Angels, Demons, Monks
Angels, Demons, Monks
Hello, Nurse!
Hello, Nurse!
Candy in Flight
Candy in Flight

Greetings from Nürnberg

Oh no I didn't!Oh no I didn’t! When I say rooves, I mean rooves! Especially on this blog!

Snowy Nürnberg RoovesHere are some more snowy rooves. I know you’ve been missing them since we moved from the top floor loft to essentially two ground floor apartments across town. Thanks, Nürnberg!

Sieg Miao!There’s apparently a protest movement going on about Neo-Nazi clothing brands and the stores used to sell it. I tried googling it quickly, but I’m still at a loss. The English wikipedia article makes it sound like a clothing company with an unfortunate choice of logo (in the past at least), whereas the German sites my searchers turned up claimed it’s clothing line for Nazis, by Nazis (the Aryan FUBU?). The text on the billboard informs us that Nazis are camouflaging themselves. Nürnbergers, care to clarify this topic for us?

Mr. MinstrulFollowing up with another cheery racial theme, how about Mr. Bleck? This topic intrigues me in two ways. First because of how freakin’ hard it must be for Germans to say the vowel sound I know and love in such words as “cat,” “scratch,” and — say it with me now — “black.” Apparently “bleck” and “black” are tonally indistinguishable ’round these parts. OK. But if you have a minstrel as your logo, shouldn’t you just call yourself “Mr. Black” and be done with it? AFAIK, “Bleck” doesn’t have any other meaning to it in German that would allow for a pun…I guess, unless it’s the proprietor’s name or something.

Kinda weird that the vegetarian aspic loaf is on the meats.

Karstadt Steak Bar

The Joint

Königstraße 14
90402 Nürnberg
Telefon 0911 – 213 0
Fax 0911 – 213 2120


We visited the Steak Bar (I think it’s actually called “Perfetto”) in the basement of the Karstadt store near the Lorenzkirche at the suggestion of a co-worker of mine. He wasn’t wrong. The €5,99/100g Argentinian Angus was the best beef I’ve ever had in Germany. It was odd having a great steak in the basement grocery section of a department store, but maybe that added to the experience.


Eating a steak in the subway station basement grocery of a swanky department store doesn’t sound that classy, does it? Well, surprise! It is a really nice environment. There is a small corner set up with several tables and lots of seating around the bar (accommodating about 40-50 diners at a time) and from most angles you can watch them throwing your chosen cut on to the grill. The butchers themselves come around and take orders and serve it up right, according to your wishes. My only gripe is that I asked for medium well and my meat was only just medium. But I didn’t send it back – it was my first real steak in about 5 years. I wasn’t about to waste another minute.

Nürnberg Day Trip

It’s so close (just about an hour away), and yet we’ve never visited it save for its airport and Christkindlmarkt. There’s a lot of history there: art, culture, politics, you name it. So yesterday we opted for a BayernTicket and spent the afternoon in downtown Nürnberg.

I’d been thinking about this for about a week since a co-worker recommended the Karstadt department store’s grocery for a nice cut of beef (there’ll be a separate post about that in the form of a review) and our free time happened to coincide with Spirit Asia (thanks for the tip Christina).

So we got there painlessly, exited the train station, walked about a block and found the festival. It seemed about 80% Thai food and 20% everything else, ranging from full-body massage to bonsai trees and gardening supplies. We settled on some overpriced Indian food that was fine — but no Ganesha, even allowing for the carny-food atmosphere.

Good thing admission was free.

After lunch we just started strolling around, crossing the Pegnitz, getting our Fußgängerzone on and some shopping at Karstadt (in addition to the steak dinner). Result: Nürnberg is a nice place. It’s got the old-world charm in its Altstadt but much more cosmopolitan than Regensburg. We had great luck with the weather and that helped a lot.