Skiing Recommendations?

We are thinking about perhaps doing some skiing in February. I’ve never actually skied before – just tagged along with others – but we’ve been twice now to Zell am See in Austria. It was nice, but we’d like to explore a different area. And with potential visitors for winter, we’d like to have a variety of options.

Does anyone have suggestions for somewhere else to ski, preferably in Germany, Austria, Italy or France? We like Switzerland, but having to change currencies is a bit of a downer. Tell us your European ski stories!

cripes, what do they make those tiles out of?

So, I’m hearing about those tiles on the heat shield of the orbiter (I feel scientific when I call the space shuttle that) — you know, the ones damaged by falling foam which ultimately led to the Columbia disaster and are causing all the teeth grinding presently.

“Dang it, tiles got damaged again.”

“Should we tell ’em to get out there and try to fix it? They have a repair kit now.”

“Mmm, well, that could be risky — they could nudge another tile loose in the process of fixing the one damaged by *foam* falling apart during lift-off.”

Clearly, I am not the expert here (I’d *probably* have another job if I were) — but what the heck do they make those tiles out of? Buttercream frosting? Eucharist hosts? Filo dough?

Oops, time for dinner.