Look out, Ireland — we’re on our way!

Where in the world?Off we go to the bus stop to get to the train take us to another bus to get to our terminal to check in for our flight, at long last, to Ireland. We’ve been meaning to visit Ireland since about 2004 or so, but it’s never worked out before. Here’s our rough itinerary:

  • fly to Cork, check in at the Lancaster Lodge
  • Hang out there and explore — our Frommer’s guide says Cork is the culinary capital of Ireland. We’ll see about that. I’m looking forward to corned beef and shepherd’s pie.
  • Snag a rental car and drive to Kenmare, check in at the Riverville House Kenmare
  • drive around the Ring of Kerry in a clockwise direction
  • drive home and fly back to Munich, fully refreshed, energized, and motivated for my upcoming trip to Romania (surprise — it’s not Iasi!).

Oh, and about the shirt: it was a very odd coincidence that this shirt arrived this morning in the mail before our departure. shirt.woot.com was offering three random shirts for $6.66 each + $5 shipping and I couldn’t resist. I’m calling it a good omen.

Suburban Blitzkrieg

This shirt arrived in the mail while I was away on business and last night was the first chance I got to wear it. Sarah and I thlnk it’s really clever, but we really don’t expect the locals to “get it.”

Suburban Blitzkrieg

If you want one of your own, you can get it over at shirt.woot.com. I like that they’ve started shipping overseas. If you live in the U.S., and maybe also Canada — I’m not sure — you can get it shipped for free. Note: I bought this shirt when it was part of a competition and thus I got it for $5 cheaper than the current going rate. But even $20 isn’t a bad price, either.