Herbed Poultry Dressing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been trying to get standard Thanksgiving dressing (or stuffing, if it’s in the bird) right for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a hard thing to test out in a two-person household. We had friends visiting a few weeks ago and did a fake Thanksgiving with them. Continue reading Herbed Poultry Dressing

thanksgiving a few days early

The Bird
beans and shallots and mushrooms
curried fruit

That’s two great meals with friends in two days. I’m having such a good time this weekend already, I think I need to take tomorrow off just to recover!

Highlights of the evening:

  • I got the fruity curry juice stuff all over my jeans when Tammy came to pick us up and the liquid sloshed over the sides of the pan. It wasn’t her driving; it was the fact that we’d made a double-batch and neglected to check how much liquid there actually was in there. Fortunately I borrowed some sweat pants from Matthias and they washed/dried my jeans while we ate.
  • We met Matthias’ sister and her boyfriend who are very nice.
  • We spoke a lot more German than normal for us on a weekend. This also applies somewhat to the party we attended in Munich last night.
  • While packing up and getting ready to go, it seemed my shoes had disappeared from the front hall of their apartment. Then I looked down and spotted them on Rainer’s feet. Mirth ensued.

The Curried Fruit seemed to be a success, even if some parties were a bit cautious about trying it at first or thought it must be intended as a dessert (and it does go great with vanilla ice cream, for the curious). I am pleased that most of it got eaten and leftovers were divvied up. And I’m looking forward to all manner of leftovers tomorrow.

party, then feast

Just rolled back into town this afternoon after spending the evening with some friends in Munich to attend a party they threw. We met a bunch of new (to us) people in an around the Munich area and had a great time catching up with the ones we’d previously met. The hosts were kind enough to offer us the guest bedroom since we traveled the farthest of all the attendees. What a swell time.

And then, later today, we’re off to Tammy and Matthias’ place for a pre-Thanksgiving feast. I hope to take some pictures of the food. Stay tuned.

nom nom nom

Yesterday was Ersatz-Thanksgiving at Christina and Rainer and Oliver’s house. Tammy graciously drove us over to their house, even though she was very busy with lots of stuff going on at her house that day. And we got there kind of on the early side and watched all the other parties roll in. It was a good mixture of Germans and “U.S.-Amerikaner” nice bird(with a wink to Christina) and even a sprinkling of “others,” some of whom also drove us back to Regensburg. Big thanks to Penny and Chris for that — we are looking forward to seeing them and son Nathan again.

Seemed like everyone brought something to share, (especially the turkey, for which we are thankful) and I enjoyed Hezamarie’s corn-cake leftovers for breakfast very much. On to some mashed potato leftovers for lunch!