Bozen (Bolzano) trip, September 2005

We spent a long weekend in Bozen, Italy (map). We had a nice time tromping around in Ritten, but I think you can see from the pictures how much nicer it would have been had the weather been cooperative. While it was raining, we went to a modern art museum (which was kind of weird, but it was nice to have the whole exhibition to ourselves) and stopped in to visit Ötzi. Still, we enjoyed ourselves and were glad to take advantage of the train specials — €39 per person each way.

Check out the “Erd-Pyramiden” in the pictures especially. We took those photos from Ritten after taking the train up there from Soprabolzano (Oberbozen), which we reached via cable car.

Next time, are thinking about driving it. The view of the mountain passes from inside the train were breath taking. As luck would have it, the weather on both of our travel days would have been great for tromping around up in the hills.

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We’re getting ready for our first trip to Italy — a long weekend in Bolzano (a.k.a. Bozen).

It’s 4ish hours directly South of Munich by train. It has only belonged to Italy since the end of WWI, and before that has belonged to Austria and been independent and stuff like that. So, I gather it’s not going to be all “old-country Italy” — probably more like that town where Pinocchio was from in that there might be a lot of people with Italian names and German accents (ever notice that?).

Or just a lot of German speakers in general. When we went to Prague in May to visit Molly, it was entirely swamped with Germans… but that’s kind of how they are, I guess.

Kraig looks really good with the longer hair! / “Stop pacing!”

Sarah and I just had a beer date with Kraig at the W.A.B.. He looks really nice with the respectable salesman tie without his usual mil-spec hairdo and goat.

Let’s hope that’s not the last we’ll ever see of him.

So, we snuck up on Ol’ Narg’s joint on whim after our shooting the breeze with Kraig (since we were in the area…can’t hurt to drive by, you know?) and called him when we saw lights on and people moving around inside. We were dropping all kinds of hints that we were within visual range (i.e., “Stop pacing when I’m talking to you!”), but he wasn’t getting them. It’s nice to pull a fast one on Ol’ Narg when you haven’t seen him in a long time. Fortunately, Miss Carrie Jo seemed forgiving of our no-warning drive-by.

We like her.