“We are a country of God.”

A New York Times article from September 12, 1938, which I found on technoccult.com

Glenn Beck’s rally unfolding on anniversary of King’s speech – CNN.com.

We most certainly are not.  We are a country of individuals, who are guaranteed the freedom to decide for ourselves how, when, and whether to worship.

Beck, a hero to many conservative voters across the country, said, however, that the rally is nonpolitical and its mission is to honor American troops.

Well, then he’s lying on two counts. Honoring troops would include respecting the separation of church and state, that prized principle which used to make such a strong distinction between countries like the U.S.A. and Iran. By stating that we are a country of God, Beck has thumbed his nose at all those troops who thought they were fighting to defend and preserve our separation of church and state. And you can’t tell me in the same breath that a rally at which you say “America today begins to turn back to God” is nonpolitical.

“It was not my intention to select 8-28 because of the Martin Luther King tie. It is the day he made that speech. I had no idea until I announced it,” Beck said on his radio show in June, soon after the announcement of the rally.
“Whites don’t own Abraham Lincoln. Blacks don’t own Martin Luther King. Those are American icons, American ideas, and we should just talk about character, and that’s really what this event is about. It’s about honoring character,” Beck said.

Wouldn’t honoring Dr. King’s character also necessarily mean knowing enough about the man and the movement to realize that you can’t honestly claim not to have known the significance of your own rally’s ostensibly randomly chosen date? Either you dishonor his character by not knowing enough about him to not hold your own rally on that day, in that place, or you dishonor his character by proclaiming your ignorance.

Or just come clean and admit that you’re actively trying to detract from the significance of the “I Have a Dream” rally by having your own Bullshit Party on the same day. I would have a lot more respect for that honesty.

Politics are not the reason that we moved away from the U.S., but they sure are a contributing factor toward not moving back.